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I am a very experienced audiobook narrator who works for Audible through the ACX programme. I am available to other companies and publishers for freelance audiobook narration. I have a home studio and I use audacity software. My work has encompassed over 25 titles so far of varying lengths and genres, many of which have been series written by best-selling authors.

I use cutting edge techniques in my narration such as sound effects and background music where appropriate or can simply do a standard narration. My strength is in my versatility with character voices of all ages and accents of all kinds. I can record, edit, mix and master audio files in a variety of formats such as mp3, wav, OGG and midi. Enjoy the selection of samples below and if you wish to discuss a project with me, please visit my
contacts page.

I can also provide
FREE download codes for any title to Audible members in Europe and the USA. Just message me and I'll hit you up.

the alex king series

Written by Amazon best-selling author Anthony Bateman

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When the hunt for the female assassin who killed his sister proves futile, King returns to MI5 where he is propositioned by a secretive organisation headed by a familiar face. King takes on both the Russian intelligence services and organised crime to halt them bypassing sanctions and flooding the UK market with forged sovereigns cast from seized Nazi gold in a bid to sink Britain's economy.


Meanwhile in Marseilles, Caroline Darby is hunting the same assassin who killed her aunt and attacked her parents. With King fighting on another front, the team backs her up but they soon discover that the CIA have an interest in their quarry. The race is on to catch a killer before she finds help from an unexpected source.

King closes in on the forging operation in Estonia but doesn't know who to trust as the parameters of the operation change, and he realises that he should never have left Caroline in France, hoping he is not too late before the assassin closes in.

©2022 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman

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Chapter 40
00:00 / 07:28
Genuine listener reviews from Audible

Once again A P Bateman does it again!!!

Loved Sovereign Power! Another superb novel written by A P Bateman made even better with continuing the winning formula with Joe Mills narrating, who is the only person who can ever bring the main character of Alex King to life and do this awesome novel justice!!! Once again the production is on point with the sound effects etc! Highly recommend!!! 👍🏻💯👍🏻


Doesn't Dissappoint

Very much enjoyed this series grown with some great characters coming and sometimes going. this really builds on the others and a great listen.

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It has been 20 years since MI6 gave King a new identity, and now somebody knows the truth. A killer is taunting him, killing those King was once close to in a bid to force him out into the open.

MI5 is under cyber-attack. GCHQ have found the source of the cyber-terrorism and have uncovered transcripts naming a spy within the UK government. Dispatching a team to investigate, they discover a link between the source of the cyber-terrorism and the man contracted to kill King.

King investigates old enemies in the hope of finding his would-be assassin, but soon uncovers a plot that if unchecked, will devastate Ukraine and could trigger World War Three.

©2022 A P Bateman (P)2022 A P Bateman

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Chapter 7
00:00 / 14:36
Genuine listener reviews from Audible


Loved the narration of Joe Mills, you could feel the pace and action. We have twists, some unexpected deaths, and with plenty of action , Oh and intrigue in the spades.



Once again A P Bateman (Author) & Joe Mills (Narrator) are absolutely phenomenal!!! Another audiobook that will sit very nicely top of the collection!!!

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Timeline: 20 years ago.

A delegation of OPEC executives and intelligence operatives working deep undercover are taken hostage in Angola and moved across the border into the Congo. The region is recovering from 30 years of civil and tribal war, and international oil contracts are up for grabs, but only if the area can be deemed stable. The standoff must be ended quickly, but the newly appointed Angolan government will not grant Britain permission to deploy the SAS and has charged the woefully under-skilled defense force with rescuing the hostages.

Alex King has much to prove. His first mission to halt a coup by a splinter cell of the IRA and London criminals was deemed a failure, and his mentor Peter Stewart is having second thoughts about training him for the field. The brief is simple: Avoid an international incident, and bring home the hostages. The reality is altogether more deadly.

A small force of mercenaries led by Stewart and King must cross into the Congo and take on the Southside Boys - a gang of tribal rebels and boy soldiers, high on drugs and violence, who have made kidnapping, rape, and murder their way of life.

©2021 Anthony Bateman (P)2022 Anthony Bateman

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Chapter 40
00:00 / 11:16

Another Home Run!

Another fantastic novel by A P Bateman! The Narrator - Joe Mills executes another brilliant performance, loved all of the additional sound effects to add that bit extra in the production! A P Bateman is definitely a go to Author.

Genuine listener reviews from Audible

A very entertaining story!

What an excellent introduction to A.P. Bateman’s Alex king series – yep there are 12 that came before this one, but I haven’t read or listened to them yet! And yet is the operative word in this case.

The Congo Contract is not only action-packed, but also filled with a cast of flawed characters who are easy to identify with not to mention easy to like. The story line is filled with action, twists, and turns as well as plenty of intrigue and betrayal. Enough so that my head was spinning. Furthermore, the storyline felt like it was pulled from the headline of a newspaper from the not-so-distant past. This review is based on a very well narrated audiobook I received from the author.

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When a deniable mission to infiltrate Albanian and Russian organized crime is compromised, the Security Service distance themselves ahead of political fallout, leaving their missing operatives off the grid with no clue to their status.

Alex King is re-evaluating his options after a rogue mission has cost him his career. He has sworn to leave the shadowy world he knows behind, but to do so would mean the fate of his closest friend will remain a mystery. He has questions, but the answers lie with an asset who had been supplying MI5 with information from within the inner circle of the Russian mafia. 

With the Russian mafia on one side and the Albanian brotherhood on the other, getting the asset out is just the beginning in what will be a dirty war fought against a ruthless enemy who have no limits and hold all the cards.

©2020 A P Bateman (P)2021 A P Bateman   

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Amazon number-one best seller for over three weeks


When an MI6 agent is found to be keeping records of his missions to protect himself from betrayal he unwittingly makes himself a priority target. But how do you silence the most dangerous man imaginable? Send him into hell on earth....

While Alex King is sent into Northern Iraq to tidy the loose ends of a botched mission, the archipelago of Indonesia is under communist threat from within its own military.


A consortium of worried businessmen call for desperate measures and seek the services of an assassin. But what if MI6 could be duped into taking care of their problems for them? With secret links to China the communist contingent threatens Britain's trade initiatives with the largest mineral producing country on the planet. 

In the dark world of intelligence it seems that everybody has their price.

©2016 Anthony P Bateman (P)2019 Anthony P Bateman


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Special Edition - Chapter 1
00:00 / 23:00
Genuine listener reviews from Audible


A rip roaring exciting story, excellently read and superbly written - Joe Mills does a fabulous job of narration.


Great Action story brought alive by narrator

The book was a great action thriller brought alive by the narrator who brought a clear vision of it all close your eyes and you were there.


Wonderful narration

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, exciting and well written. The narrator was brilliant, in fact, the accents were so good I began to wonder if there could be more than one.



I was looking for something different and thought that I would give A P Bateman’s books a try and The Contract Man archived the desired effect I was looking for!!! Absolutely loved this novel and is one gripping, thrill ride espionage novel! The Narrator - Joe Mills is magnificent, his narrating voice and character impersonations are brilliant and sounds like a full cast of actors and forget that it’s a one man band production! The Contract Man is superb and now to start the rest of the Alex King series.

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It had been a well-orchestrated defection when King put a Russian bio-weapons scientist on a British submarine under heavy gunfire. But he should have checked. Should have checked that the asset wasn’t contaminated. Tragically infected with the biological agent she was smuggling to the West, King has been burdened not only by her fate, but of the 118 men onboard the submarine when it disappeared.  

Aurora is the world’s foremost green energy pioneer and operate an R&D facility onboard a ring of former oil rigs anchored in the Barents Sea. Now a UNESCO green sanctuary, no military presence is permitted within an area the size of France. Aurora has discovered the sunken British submarine and a neutral consortium has been contracted to salvage the vessel and tow it to the Faroe Islands, where the Royal Navy will take possession under the eyes of the world’s press. 

With cutting-edge technology, weapons, and a terrible secret on board, King is sent to defend Britain’s interests, but soon discovers foreign agents have a more deadly agenda. 

©2021 A P Bateman (P)2021 A P Bateman

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Chapter 38
00:00 / 11:54
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A newly formed terrorist group has declared war on the world’s richest people. The choice is simple. The rich can give away their wealth to escape an assassin’s bullet, or they can die. When the wealthiest five people are dead, a new death list will be publicly declared. 

When a British billionaire is assassinated, MI5 agent Alex King is sent to investigate. With the killings carried out by a sniper of tremendous skill, King’s dark past makes him the best man for the task.

King soon discovers attempts to corrupt the investigation and investment links to a prominent cabinet member. Only when an attempt is made on his own life does King suspect there is more to the group’s declaration than first appeared. 

King faces an impossible task. With multi-billionaires giving so much of their wealth to charities, the terrorist group are regarded by many as heroes of a new world order. 

As King closes in, the fight becomes personal.

©2019 Anthony Bateman (P)2020 Anthony Bateman

Genuine listener reviews from Audible


 I really enjoy the Alex King books & this was excellent, fast paced, good detail & brilliant narration, looking forward to book 5 now.

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When his mission is shut down from political pressure, deniable MI5 operative Alex King seeks revenge for a team member and takes on the man responsible.


But in Washington DC, the political landscape changes so quickly that his enemy is now more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

Secret Service agent Rachel Beam has been given a sensitive case without the usual hierarchy protocols. As she digs deeper, what at first looks like a rogue MI5 agent committing a crime spree on US soil, seems more like someone creating a trail and sending a message. But for whom?

From the streets of Washington DC and the home of the Secret Service, to the wilds of Alaska and its remote gold mining country, King has to stay one step ahead of a tenacious agent and an assassin who will stop at nothing to put a stop to his pursuit for retribution.

©2019 A P Bateman (P)2021 A P Bateman



King battles with his conscience and ruthless enemies as he deposes an African dictator and installs a new leader. But is he the best man for the job, and can King make a difference in a region known only for corruption and killing?

©2023 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman

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Chapter 63
00:00 / 09:19
Genuine listener reviews from Audible

Alex King at his best

Another great Alex king book plenty going on in it just sad that it finished could listen to it all the time roll on the next one.


Maybe the best book of the series

Excellent book. It’s hard not to like King. Can’t wait to listen to the next one.


Just keeps getting better…

Been really looking forward to the latest King being release and it seems quite a while. This sure didn’t disappoint and the story went along at a good pace and gripping plot. Plenty of the action you would expect and all fantastically bought to life by Joe Mills in his unique and excellent delivery.


Once again, a superb story

Great story from Bateman, believable characters. Excellent performance from Joe Mills. Story could have had one more chapter, rounding things off.



Excellent narration from Joe Mills, who brings out the characters, action and suspense. 


Another Hit!!!

A P Bateman is the real deal and once again another superb Alex King novel and made even better by the Narrator - Joe Mills!!!

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Their symbol is an iron fist. Each finger represented by a country with an agenda. Five countries forming a new axis of evil that plots against the West and democracy. An organisation that nobody knew existed until luck intervened.

MI5 has a new director and its special operations wing has been disbanded. King and the team are scattered around the globe. British intelligence has been compromised, data breached and AI interfaced cyber-warfare a reality.


They seem untouchable but so were King and the team, and now they have their sights on a ruthless enemy and won't stop until the job is done.

©2023 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman

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Chapter 1
00:00 / 22:53
Genuine listener reviews from Audible

Alex King and the team back together

With new 'band' members and a fresh storyline. I'm very glad I purchased this and couldn't put it down.

It's a cracking audiobook well read by Joe Mills, A P Bateman not lost his touch, if anything left me wanting more. if your an Alex King fan then get stuck in. If new to him ( them) then a great start. Really enjoyed this, I'm on my 2nd pass through the Alex King series and it's timing was perfect. Recommend.

Chapeau A P Bateman & Joe Mills

Another fantastic novel written by A P Bateman, brought to life and given the justice it deserves by the Narrator - Joe Mills who is absolutely superb!!! Roll on The Enemy 😀💯👍🏻💯😀

Action packed with a gripping and clever story line

Fast paced action from the start, a gripping story line and a unexpected and powerful twist.


Strength to strength

Well done AP and Joe as another great listen and had me hooked from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days with having to do some work in between.! Looking forward to the next instalment!



The enemy is everywhere. Lurking in the shadows, hacking networks and striking at the heart of freedom and democracy. They have infiltrated government and have changed the course of political agenda. MI5 have suffered at the hands of this enemy. Good people lost, lives changed forever. One man is the link to the so-called Iron Fist. A network of spies and saboteurs working for five countries in a new axis of evil, and King and the team won't stop until they find him.

©2023 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman



A spin-off from the Alex King Series

For ex-SAS and current MI5 Officer Dave Lomu, Fiji was his childhood home.


Leaving under a cloud and not looking back for 20 years means there is little left for him in paradise.


But when his family call for help, he returns to a world of ruthless developers, police and government corruption, and the murder of a boy and the disappearance of the half-sister he never knew he had.


Lomu has a particular set of skills and is determined to get answers.

©2022 A P Bateman (P)2022 A P Bateman

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Chapter 15
00:00 / 12:01
Genuine listener reviews from Audible


This book has action, violence and intrigue. A great thriller. I enjoyed the narration of Joe Mills, who brings out the suspense and action. Perfect.



Never Go Back!

Sometimes it is a mistake to go back to ones childhood home. When Big Dave is called home to Fiji after 20 years away fighting with the SAS and as a mercenary he is well equipped to help fight the wrongs that are affecting his family and kinsfolk. Corruption and men who will do anything to get their way stand in his way. He makes discoveries about himself that he never dreamt of. Joe Mills narration is excellent and the whole book is well produced.



the mersey murders series

Written by Amazon best-selling author Brian L. Porter


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Death arrives on the morning tide.

Soon after the cargo liner Alexandra Rose steams into the Mersey Estuary, one of the ship’s passengers is found dead, leading to Detective Inspector Andy Ross’s most baffling case to date.

Another death soon follows, and Ross discovers that the case has its roots in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest. A billionaire entrepreneur, mysterious passengers, a team of researchers, and a band of vicious mercenaries all have their part to play.

Ross and his team from the Merseyside Police Specialist Murder Investigation team will need all their skills to solve the case of the Mersey Mariner.

This is a stand-alone mystery and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read or listened to other books in the series.

©2017 Brian L. Porter (P)2021 Brian L. Porter

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1966. England wins the soccer World Cup. Same night, a barmaid's body is discovered near an abandoned lighthouse. Two more murders follow; all remain unsolved.

2005. DI Andy Ross is called in when a disturbingly similar series of murders begins in the same location.

If their estimates are correct, Ross and his team have one week to solve the case before the next lighthouse murder takes place.

In A Very Mersey Murder, DI Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake return in a race against time, as they seek to apprehend a vicious killer who seems to leave no clues and no evidence.

This is a stand-alone mystery and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read/listened to other books in the series.

©2018 Brian L. Porter (P)2020 Brian L. Porter

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Andy Ross and his team have an international investigation on their hands.

As the late night train from Manchester to Liverpool approaches the city, it hits the body of a man. After the police look into the case, they learn that the man was a well-known movie director—of the adult variety.

Soon, they find out that the man's list of enemies is almost as long as the railway line from Manchester to Liverpool. Is his murder personal or professional?

With two disgruntled ex-wives—both with a motive for murder—thrown into the mix, Ross and his team attempt to solve the mystery of the Last Train to Lime Street.

This is a standalone mystery, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't listened to other books in the series.

©2019 Brian L. Porter (P)2022 Brian L. Porter

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When a monk is found poisoned at the St. Emma’s Priory, the Chief Constable—a friend of the Prior—insists that Andy Ross and his team handle the investigation. 

The case turns out to be more complex than they first thought. After a second victim is found with a pitchfork thrust through his body, Ross discovers that to solve the case, they must reopen a cold case from years ago.

When connections to the old East German Secret Police—the Stasi—are revealed, Ross realizes that nothing is as it seems in The Mersey Monastery Murders.

©2019 Brian L. Porter (P)2022 Brian L. Porter

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Chapter 16
00:00 / 21:39
Genuine listener reviews from Audible


Loved the narration of Joe Mills, he brings the characters and plot together. You imagine the characters. There is lots of twists and turns and red herrings. A brother of the priory of St Emma's is murdered, but why ?


It's up to DI Andy Ross and DS Clarissa Drake and their team to solve the mystery.



Darkly twisted

The last place you would think of evil taking up residence is a monastery, but here you have it. It became more dark and twisted with each chapter , and kept me on edge for what was to come. When I thought it couldn't get more twisted it did!!! Take a listen. You won't be disappointed. The narrator did a great job with voices and sound effects and brought the characters and story to life.



A very well written mystery & great narration

A very well written mystery, engaging plot & interesting characters.

Highlighted by the great narration.



Good listen

I came into this series with this book but it didn't seem to matter I soon got engaged. This was an enjoyable listen and a lot of red herrings to keep the interest, It really worked. The book was very well narrated and kept my attention throughout. All in all really enjoyed it



Wonderfully engaging story

This is one 1 of a series, but I was able to pick it up and read it as a stand-alone book. There are subplots and characters that I assumed run through the series. In this book, the reader is given enough info and backstory of the characters that it’s not a problem to read it out of order.


Joe Mills’s narration and sound effects were perfect. He did a great job voicing the many characters, accents and foreign language accents unique to each character. I’m definitely going to read more in this series!



Also by Brian L. Porter


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Breathe...if you dare.

English countryside, 1958. The idyllic village of Olney has stood in its peaceful location for over 900 years.

Until one day, when two teenage boys are struck by a mysterious illness. The newly arrived Doctor Hilary Newton suspects a common flu to be the cause of their malady. Before long, the doctor and residents of Olney are plunged into a nightmare, as the disease ravages the local population. Despite the doctors employing the latest medicine available, the death toll keeps rising.

Someone in the village knows the reason behind the pestilence that has struck at the heart of the village, but can the medics learn the truth before it’s too late, or will they join the growing list of names that appear on the death roll in Olney St. Mary?

©2020 Brian L. Porter (P)2022 Brian L. Porter

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Chapter 21
00:00 / 09:45
Genuine Listener reviews from Audible

Decent story. Well worth a listen.

Set in post-war England, this story is not what I was expecting it to be, but I was none the less delighted I downloaded it.

It's well worth a listen, with a well thought out, detailed story. The narrator makes all the difference to a story like this, and Joe Mills is one of the best narrators I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

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After millionaire Malcolm Capshaw hires Joe Cutler and his team to search for a fabled artifact, they enter a maze of lies, murder, and betrayal.

The real purpose of their search is soon exposed, as an old London crime family displays an unusual interest in an ancient town where Christianity laid its roots in England.

Aided by the enigmatic professor Lucius Doberman, Joe and his team must solve the ancient mystery that lies in the shadows of Glastonbury, or die trying.

©2014 Brian L. Porter (P)2023 Brian L. Porter

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Chapter 31
00:00 / 11:45
Genuine Listener reviews from Audible


I love the narration of Joe Mills, perfect for this great paced book, brings the action to your ears.

Joe Cutler and his team search for Excalibur around Glastonbury. The expert who is there to help them seems only he does is make phone calls. There is action suspense, and twists. That will keep you on your toes.


the pockethistory series

Written by Michael Moorcroft

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A short listen of historical fiction

Sarajevo, June 1914. As Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, tours Bosnia, dark forces are at work to free the Southern Slavs from Vienna.


An extraordinary sequence of mistakes and mishaps is fated to change the world forever, and one man stands in the midst of it all. In the space of 24 hours, history stumbles wounded and delirious as the world descends inexorably into a war that will encompass the globe. 

Seen through the eyes of the key players, this is the story of that terrible day when destiny closed its eyes.

©2017 Storywell (P)2018 Storywell



An alternative and fictional build up to the events of the great fire of London.

Despite warnings that fire would devastate the great City of London, little was done, and when the perfect combination of events conspired, tragedy struck.


Using some true times, dates, locations and characters along with a liberal sprinkling of creative narration, Moorcroft delivers yet another masterpiece of short read alternate history reading for your delight.

©2020 Storywell (P)2020 Storywell

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Click on the book to visit the Audible page to purchase or hear a sample.

November 5, 1605. By noon, the Catholic conspirators pray Guy Fawkes will have done his job and King James, together with his lords and parliament, will be blown into oblivion.

In the autumn of 1605, treason was being plotted in the shadows of the English shires. A group of Catholic conspirators led by Robert Catseby are planning to do the unthinkable. As Fawkes waits in the cellars of Parliament, the rest of the plotters are ready to put their plans into action. 

At the side of the king are loyal men equally determined to keep their monarch safe and to destroy the Catholic threat once and for all.

As the clock ticks down to the hour, the tension rises.

Join the men who would change history in the final 24 hours of the most infamous plot in English history.

©2017 Storywell (P)2018 Storywell

Genuine Listener reviews from Audible

Captivating from the start - a joy to listen to

Enjoyed the audio version of this book. It was engaging and captivating from the very start - a joy to listen to.


a good story very well read!

I loved it... for a short story it held my attention and gave just enough to make me listen to the end... something i rarely do.


the d.i. grant series

Written by Amazon best-selling author Anthony Bateman


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Recuperating from an injury at a colleague's holiday home in Cornwall, Grant is soon pulled into a world of murder, corruption and vice. His old boss had given him some cryptic instructions. Again making Grant take on an investigation that could get him killed!


©2023 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman

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Chapter 33
00:00 / 26:04
Genuine listener reviews from Audible


I enjoy listening to Joe Mills, who brings out the action and characters to you ears.


I need more Grant!

DI Grant is certainly no choir boy but his sense of justice makes you like him. Grant is staying at the summer home of his former, now deceased, boss. He is supposed to be recuperating from being injured in the line of duty but his boss had given him some cryptic instructions…which leads Grant on an investigation that could get him killed! The story is well written with lots of action. The narration is excellent and immerses you in the environment with sounds effects. Looking forward to more DI Grant!


Interesting opener

An easy listening type of book the plot and story are there but possibly a bit easy to suss out how it will pan out. Looking forward to the next DI Grant adventure and to see if there’s more intrigue with some added twists and turns.


Great listen to a new favourite series

Well I think I have found my new favourite detective ( whatever rank he is at this moment) the story itself was very well written with enough twists and turns even at the ending. Grant is no choir boy.

I liked the setting itself and Cornwall become a character in the story. Bringing in the impact of second homes on the economy was very interesting.

The narration worked really well and each character was unique. I even liked the sound effects which I normally dont like, but they were unobtrusive.

Taken - Audiobook Cover.jpg
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After breaking a case in Cornwall where he had been recuperating after a terrorist attack DCI Grant threw himself into undercover work until a mistake has cost him the case and his contact her life.


Thrown a career lifeline he is posted to Cornwall and expects his life of dangerous undercover work to be replaced by monotony and a backlog of cases more suited to a junior detective.


But when a young girl goes missing Grant investigates a crime that seems not only impossible to solve, but utterly unthinkable.

©2023 A P Bateman (P)2023 A P Bateman


Listen to a full chapter


Chapter 19
00:00 / 23:41


This was an excellent follow up to the first book. I like the characters and look forward to reading more about them. Narration by Joe Mills was perfect! 

Genuine listener reviews from Audible

Great listen to a new favourite series

This has the required twists and turns the two plots nicely dovetailed. It was an addictive listen, the narration really worked and added to the story. I just had to complete listening to get to the end but then I was bereft when it was over. Loved the ending set it up right for the next book.


Great story, really well told

I loved this book. It surprised me and kept my attention all the way through. The story deals with difficult subjects in a careful way so as to tell the tale fully without being offensive or salacious. For me, what made the book stand out was the narration. The narrator did a great job on accents, voices, and all the drama you could want from one story. Superb storytelling all around.


other projects

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2018 Award Winner - Best Parenting & Family - Pacific Book Review

Ever wondered what would happen if mom went back to work and dad stayed home with the baby?

The award-winning Daddy Day Care is an outrageously funny and honest account of what happens when one dad stays at home for six months to bring up his baby daughter.

It shows what it’s like being the only bloke in playgroup and how to bluff your way through mom chat. How it’s ok to mix up Humpty Dumpty with some Prince and David Bowie, and how your sidekick provides a cheap alternative to the gym!

Aimed at dads (and curious moms), Daddy Day Care offers a truly alternative look at the poo-soaked chaos of full-time childcare.

Best served with beer - or strong coffee (for the chronically sleep-deprived parent).  

©2018 Jonathan Tindale (P)2018 Jonathan Tindale

Genuine listener reviews from Audible

Fun book

Interesting and hilarious look at infant care through a father's perspective. truly enjoyable and worth the listen. the best parts are the descriptive accounts of trying to keep squeeky sleeping to no avail, something any parent can honestly relate to. as a stay at home mom I often wondered where my days went, now I know.

Click on the book to visit the Audible page to purchase or hear a sample.

The new novel from the Guardian Not the Booker-shortlisted author of Real Monsters. Longlisted for the Guardian Not the Booker prize 2016.

When we moved into the wild, the wild moved into us. When a troubled advertising salesman loses his job, the fragile wall between his public and private personas comes tumbling down. Fleeing his debtors, Adam abandons his family and takes to sleeping rough in a local park, where a fraternity of homeless men befriend him.

As the months pass, Adam gradually learns to appreciate the tough new regime until winter arrives early, threatening to turn his paradise into a nightmare.

Starving, exhausted, and sick of the constant infighting, Adam decides to return to his family. The men, however, have other plans for him. With time running out and the stakes raised unbearably high, Adam is forced to question whether any of us can truly escape the wildness within.

Liam Brown brings us another enthralling survival tale which questions human belonging in either nature or society. Adam gambles with his life in this Lord of the Flies style struggle as he tries to escape back to modern society with his sanity intact.

"Compelling, chilling investigation into the dark instincts of masculinity." (Guardian)

©2016 Legend Press Ltd (P)2019 Legend Press Ltd

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A vicious killer is on the hunt for his next victim and CID Inspector Prav Shira is fatigued by the lack of progress. With reluctance he brings in psychologist Dr. Arliss Grey to aide in the investigation.


But Arliss is a woman plagued by her own demons, and wrought by a dark secret from her past what she soon uncovers brings her closer to a sinister conspiracy that weaves itself into the halls of power.


And to make matters worse former MI5 Agent Prav Shira's involvement in a 20-year-old cover-up only adds to that stress, and it's not because he's flawed, Shira has his vices - vices that could very well end his career.

Breaking Arliss is a tightly-woven thriller that keeps you guessing right up until the very end. And with unforgiving consequences, no one is safe.

©2017 John Lyes (P)2019 John Lyes

" A baby is born and placed in his dead mother’s arms…
When the funeral shroud is cast over her, his father names his son Pall. It will soon become a name that strikes a shiver of fear into the hearts of those who hear it in combat.

A lone survivor on a battlefield many years later, Pall dazedly recovers from the wounds of war. Despite the dead cast about him, everything he looks upon is unfamiliar to him. Wandering away from this scene of carnage, he encounters John Savage, a giant of a man who puts Pall within the sight of Savage’s seven-foot, nocked longbow.

What ensues from this deadly encounter is an elusive journey for truth. Yet, while it is haunted by a ravening demon that is out to destroy Pall and John, the vision and prayers of a startlingly beautiful young woman protect them from afar."


Copyright 2019 By A. Keith Carreiro

Production copyright By Wordwooze

Prologue - Propositions Six
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non fiction

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"Candy Jones" was the stage name of Jessica Wilcox (b. 1921) who became famous as a model and "pinup girl" in the early 1940s. Her story seems too bizarre to be true. One of America's most famous models, brainwashed by the CIA? Yes, it is another example of truth being stranger than fiction. 

The story begins with Candy's wedding to Long John Nebel, New York's most successful radio talk-show host. During the wedding, and regularly thereafter, Candy's personality would seem to shift. She would suddenly change from her affable, self-effacing self to a brusque, aggressive "stranger". For the first few months of the marriage, these shifts were infrequent enough that Nebel didn't worry much about it, but as time went on, they got worse.

Nebel began trying to relax his wife by hypnotising her. Although Candy insisted that she couldn't be hypnotised, she slipped easily into a relaxed state and then into a healthy, deep sleep. But during the third session, with no suggestion from Nebel, Candy spontaneously regressed to a young age.


After that, Nebel began to record their sessions.

The result of these sessions was that Nebel discovered his wife had been brainwashed into have a second identity, "Arlene", whom a CIA doctor had used to carry messages all over the world. Eventually, Candy was tortured at CIA headquarters, so that her doctor could display her "successful" programming.

The Control of Candy Jones sent shockwaves through the corridors of power when it was first published in 1976. After reportedly being suppressed by the CIA, it became an instant classic and remains so today.

©1983 Saucerian Press (P)2018 NEW SAUCERIAN LLC

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Forty years on from the Falklands Conflict, veteran Paul Cardin reflects on his own experiences while asking probing questions about what really went on before, during and after those 74 days of hostility.

As a 22-year-old radio operator in the Royal Navy, Paul was stationed on HMS Yarmouth when it was anchored in San Carlos Bay, known colloquially as Bomb Alley. During his time there, he saw ships being bombed and sunk and watched his friends and comrades being injured and killed.

Return to Bomb Alley 1982 is part memoir, part critical account of the way in which the Falklands Conflict was handled. Although often referred to as a war, neither Britain nor Argentina ever made a formal declaration but the days which followed the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands saw more than 900 people lose their lives and many others left with lasting physical and mental injuries.

This book is a gripping listen for anyone who wants to know more about the Falklands Conflict. As well as telling his own story through diary extracts and a timeline, the author takes a thorough and journalistic approach to this period of history, asking tough questions about why and how certain decisions were made, what was really going on in the background. Just what was the role played by the British Government and Margaret Thatcher? What were their main motivations and how did they use the conflict to their advantage in the years which followed?

©2022 Paul Cardin (P)2023 Paul Cardin

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Chapter 13
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The Great Awakening!

A fantastic first hand account of the FW littered with nuanced details of which many I wasn't aware of. The FW like all wars past and present are contrived by our death cult slave-masters for financial gain, political gain and the ultimate and complete enslavement of humanity. All being played out right now with the NATO proxy war in Ukraine backed and financed by the same psychopaths that are always behind these atrocities.


This book gives me faith that humanity is finally waking up to the reality of the world we live in. I would recommend this book to anyone with an open mind and a functioning brain to gain an understanding of why the FW, like all wars are completely unnecessary and only benefit a minuscule amount of wealthy psychopaths that infect our world. How many million men and women have died in unnecessary wars to further the agenda of the few?


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