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I am a very experienced voice actor with over 25 years experience and have appeared in leading roles in some of the most beloved children's animated series. I have a home studio and ISDN facility and use audacity software. I can record at home or in the studio. If you would like to hire me for a project, go to my contacts page. Here is a small selection of my work.


Between 2015 and 2021 Joe was the voice of Toad, Oliver, Donald and Douglas as well as numerous smaller characters in 61 episodes and three cinematically released films for HIT Entertainment. Joe's voice was used in both the UK and USA versions.



Toad is Oliver's brake van. They were both saved from the scrap by Douglas and are very grateful to him. Toad has been completely refurbished and now works happily alongside Oliver on Duck's branch line.

Fun Fact!

Toad is a standard 20 ton GWR brake-van built at Swindon in 1940.



Oliver is the No.11 green steam engine. Along with his break van Toad, Oliver was saved from being scrapped by Douglas. Then he was given a new coat of green paint and now proudly works on Duck's branch line.

Fun Fact!

He is based on a GWR 14xx 0-4-2T tank engine push-pull fitted for branch line work.


Donald and Douglas 


A pair of black goods engines from Scotland who work on the North Western Railway and are the railway's number 9 and 10 engines respectively.


Toad's Adventure

Signals Crossed

Toad and the Whale

Toad's Bright Idea

Last Train for Christmas

Duck in the Water

Blown Away

Spencer's VIP

Love me Tender

Emily in the Middle

The Missing Breakdown Train

Toad and the Whale Clip

Thomas and the emergency cable

Toad saves the Day



Thomas & Friends (previously known as Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) is the name of the television series based on the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry. It was adapted for television by Britt Allcroft using the original stories from the Railway Series before using original stories written by independent writers. The series has been broadcast in over 185 territories and has spawned twenty-four series, a theatrical film, and fourteen direct-to-DVD specials.



The Best of Thomas & Friends Clips (US) (TV Series)
Oliver / Toad / Douglas / ...

Henry Gets Bad Coal + More Stories (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

Toad Gets Bored (2020) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Gordon Leaks + More Adventures (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

Duncan and Humbug (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

What Makes Rebecca Special? (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

Spencer's VIP (2020) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

It's Snowing Again on Sodor! + More Stories (2020) ... Douglas (voice)

Edward the Really Useful Engine (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

The VIP Engine (2020) ... Oliver (voice)

Winter Time and Other Episodes (2020) ... Douglas (voice)

Thomas the Emergency Cable (2020) ... The Birdwatcher (voice)

Toads Adventure (2019) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Donald and Douglas + More Holiday Episodes (2019) ... Douglas (voice)

Christmas Time on Sodor (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

Christmas Eve Express (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

Christmas Coffee Pot (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

A Christmas Surprise (2019) ... Douglas / Oliver (voice)

Terence Breaks the Ice (2019) ... Douglas (voice)

Christmas Eve on SODOR (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

Donald and Douglas (2019) ... Douglas (voice)

Christmas Special: Daisy's Perfect Christmas (2019) ... Douglas (voice)

Judy and Gerome the Breakdown Engines (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

Thunder Storm on Sodor (2019) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

The Missing Breakdown Train (2019) ... Oliver (voice)

Diesel and the Ducklings (2019) ... Douglas (voice)

Henry Spots Trouble (2019) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

No Steam Without Coal (2019) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Thomas the Quarry Engine (2019) ... The Birdwatcher (voice)

Signal Crossed (2019) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Emily in the Middle (2018) ... Douglas (voice)

Toad Has a Plan to Save the Whale (2016) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Oliver Doesn't Believe Toad When He Sees a Whale (2016) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Thomas and the Birdwatcher Emergency (2015) ... The Birdwatcher (voice, uncredited)

Gator Borrows Toad's Lamp (2015) ... Toad (voice, uncredited)

Toad's Bright Idea to Fix Gator's Lamp (2015) ... Toad (voice, uncredited)

Toad's Great Adventure (2015) ... Oliver / Toad (voice, uncredited)

Toad Saves the Day! (2015) ... Toad (voice, uncredited)

 2014-2018 Thomas & Friends (TV Series short)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) / Douglas (UK & US) / ...


Confusion Without Delay (2018) ... A Passenger (UK & US) (uncredited)

Emily in the Middle (2017) ... Douglas (UK & US) (voice)

Skiff and the Mermaid (2017) ... Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

The Missing Breakdown Train (2016) ... Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

The Way She Does It (2016) ... Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

Blown Away (2016) ... Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

Love Me Tender (2016) ... Douglas (UK & US) (voice)

Toad and the Whale (2015) ... Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) / A Workman (UK & US) (voice)

Last Train for Christmas (2014) ... Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

Toad's Bright Idea (2014) ... Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

Spencer's VIP (2014) ... Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

Thomas and the Emergency Cable (2014) ... The Welsh Bird Watcher (UK & US) (voice)

Duck in the Water (2014) ... Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

Toad's Adventure (2014) ... Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

 2015-2017 Thomas & Friends: Clips (UK) (TV Series)
Toad / Oliver / The Birdwatcher

Gator's Light Problems (2017) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Oliver Doesn't Believe Toad When He Sees a Whale (2016) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Gator Borrows Toad's Lamp (2016) ... Toad (voice)

Toad Saves the Day and Sings to the Whale (2016) ... Oliver / Toad (voice)

Toad's Bright Idea to Fix Gator's Lamp (2016) ... Toad (voice)

Thomas and the Birdwatcher Emergency (2015) ... The Birdwatcher (voice, uncredited)

Toad's Great Adventure (2015) ... Oliver / Toad (voice, uncredited)

Toad Saves the Day! (2015) ... Toad (voice, uncredited)

 2017 Thomas & Friends: Christmas on Sodor (Video)
Douglas (UK & US) (voice)

 2017 Thomas & Friends: Team Up with Thomas (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

 2017 Thomas & Friends: Extraordinary Engines (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

 2016 Thomas & Friends: Tinsel on the Tracks (Video)
Douglas (UK & US) (voice)

 2016 Thomas & Friends: The Great Race
Donald and Douglas (UK & US) / Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

 2015 Thomas & Friends: Thomas' Christmas Carol (Video)
Douglas (UK) (voice)

 2015 Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
Donald and Douglas (UK & US) / Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

 2015 Thomas & Friends: Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)

 2014 Thomas & Friends: Signals Crossed (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) / The Bird Watcher (UK & US) (voice)

 2014 Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) (voice)

 2014 Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks (Video)
Oliver (UK & US) / Toad (UK & US) (voice)


What if I told you a scientist called Kenichi Nakamura had discovered invisible creatures living all around us? What if I told you he'd discovered a gate to travel from our world to theirs? And what if I told you we were embarking on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the Invizimals' world? Wanna join our team? Meet us after class. We are the Alliance of Invizimal Hunters, and we could really use your help.

Joe voices the lead character of Sam for this 13-part animated series from Sony. Many episodes are available on YouTube. Below is a small sample to enjoy.



Sam is the techno-wizard who works out of his grandma's shed and the London born lad is part of the three strong team alongside Hiro and Lima.


Produced by BRB International

Number of planned episodes

26 episodes

Number of released episodes

16 episodes

Production: Pitstop Productions


The Alliance - Part 1

The Alliance - Part 2

The Alliance - Part 3

The Alliance - Part 4

The Alliance - Part 5

The Alliance - Part 6

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 1

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 2

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 3

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 4

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 5

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 6


Episode List

The Alliance - Part 1
The Alliance - Part 2
The Alliance - Part 3
A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 1

A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 2
A Tale of Two Dimensions - Part 3
Best Game Ever
Mission: Ice Cream
El Gran Mendoza
A TigerShark in a China Shop
Terracotta Warriors
Welcome Mr. Black




Recorded in 2022 and broadcast on CBeebies channel, this acclaimed 26-part animation series follows the adventures of Pinocchio and his eccentric collection of friends and enemies. Joe voiced four main characters including a number of other smaller roles including  pirates, a shark and numerous grumpy pensioners. The series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.



Jiminy Cricket is not a toy but a real cricket to which the Blue Fairy has entrusted the task of keeping an eye on Pinocchio and his friends during her absence. Comically fearful and apprehensive, terrified by the outside world that Pinocchio likes so much, with whom he is a real grouch, the Cricket will inevitably follow the two protagonists in their daily adventures.




A rogue businessman and the arch-enemy of Gepetto. Master Cherry's business schemes usually come back to bite him and Joe modelled the voice of this bumbling tycoon on Lord Alan Sugar.


Candlewick is a storyteller child, he is not bad but he does everything to be accepted by his companions ... and he does it in the wrong way by trying to impose himself. Unruly, his attitude hides a fragile and insecure character. Pinocchio is a true friend for him, even if he is not the ideal adventure companion for Pinocchio ... when the two are together, there is never a shortage of trouble! Candlewick knows that with Pinocchio there is always fun and is ready to follow him everywhere. A cheeky scouser!


The Cat

The Cat and the Fox are crafty, a pair of rogues who live day to day convinced that they are moving in a world populated by chickens to pluck. The Cat and the Fox are adventurers, lazy and ambitious with the dream of a comfortable life made of idleness, wealth and no fatigue. This pushes them to the continuous, feverish search for an easy deal, a naive one to rob or, better still, a treasure to recover.



A world weary baboon from Newcastle, Casimir is the put upon assistant to the magician Mangiufuoco. He is often involved in numerous scrapes and is invariably given the worst jobs to do resulting in his less than sunny demeanour. 


This CGI animated version of the famous Pinocchio takes us to Papa Geppetto’s magical toymaker’s shop. His shop is a very special place: it is home to the wooden puppet Pinocchio and his friend the ragdoll Freeda. It is Pinocchio’s dream to become a real little boy, while Freeda wishes to become a real pirate!

Their dreams will take them on an amazing journey and guide them through the most incredible adventures. The Blue Fairy is the only one who can help Pinocchio and Freeda to realize their dreams. Join the fun and see if their dreams will become reality.

Episode List

The Shop of Wonders
Tale of a Fairy

Candlewick the Troublemaker
A Magic School Day
Mangiufuoco's Grand Th
Keep Trying, Pinocchio!
The Competition
Medoro in Danger

A Mermaid for Mangiufuoco
Master Cherry's Challenge
Cricket's Secret
The Town Square Gang
Happy Birthday Freeda!
The Fairy Baby
A gift for Geppetto
Dolls for a Day
The River Monster
The Hallowe'en Party
Captain Frizzybeard's Treasure
Alien Among Us
Cricket's Missing Memory
Honest for a Day
Trouble at the Red Lobster
Freeda's Secret
Pinocchio's Mission



Selected Audio Tracks from Original Studio Recordings

Candlewick the Troublemaker
00:00 / 12:05
The Halloween Party
00:00 / 12:06
The River Monster
00:00 / 12:07

Top Wing is an action-adventure pre-school series that follows a team of eager young birds: Swift, Rod, Brody, and Penny training at the Top Wing Academy. Broadcast all over the world, Joe appeared as many characters in the UK version broadcast on Nick Jr.



CJay is Swift's grandfather, Speedy's old teacher, and the best pilot of Big Swirl Island.

Cjay is an elderly blue jay who has mostly light blue feathers with dark blue feathers on his head and a white underside similar to his grandson Swift, only with a few streaks of grey feathers, a tuft of feathers on the back of his head, big dark blue eyebrows, a shiny black beak, and blue grey eyes.

Cjay wears a brown pilot jacket with beige trim, cuffs, two pockets, and badges on them, dark brown pants with slightly lighter cuffs, dark brown shoes, and small round metallic framed glasses.


Earl Squirrel 

Earl the Gadget Squirrel (commonly known as Earl) is a squirrel inventor who came to Big Swirl to stay.

Earl has brown fur, brown eyes and bushy eyebrows and moustache. He wears a red pleated shirt, an orange apron, and cuffed jeans. He has a pair of goggles and wears two different coloured gloves, one grey and one blue.

Earl seems to be a bit eccentric and likes to invent. However, his inventions are quite odd and would sometimes malfunction. Earl takes pride in his creativity and calls himself "genius inventor", often giving his inventions names relating to "squirrel", ending with "o-matic" and numbers.


Inspector Eagle-Eye 

Inspector Eagle-Eye is the Top Wing inspector who tests the cadets on the Cadet Challenge.

Inspector Eagle Eye is a tall bald eagle who has white head feathers and black wings, small tail feathers, bushy grey eyebrows, a golden yellow beak, and dark brown eyes.

Eagle- Eye wears a dark brown pilot jacket with beige trim, cuffs, two pockets, and many badges on it over a beige collared shirt with a dark brown necktie, a dark brown belt with a gold wing shaped buckle, light brown pants with dark brown stripes, and dark brown boots with much darker soles.

Eagle-Eye is extremely serious and overconfident in his piloting skills to the point where he puts himself in danger. At first, he has little, if any, faith in the cadets of Team Top Wing when he comes to test them. But after they show off their skills, he starts to realise their potential and lightens up. He briefly has a liking for Baddy McBat after he sees his flying skills, but he changed his mind about him after he learned that he was cheating.


David Hasselhawg


David "Davey" Hasselhawg is a pig who serves as a lifeguard on Big Swirl Island. He teaches the cadets lifeguarding skills.

Davey is a large and round pig who has pale pink skin, a curl on his forehead, a white mark on his nose which can be either sunscreen or a birthmark, small black eyebrows, freckles on his cheeks, and emerald green eyes.

Being a lifeguard, Davey is always seen wearing his uniform, which consists of a red sleeveless shirt with a white outline of a life preserver on it, darker red shorts with white stripes, and yellow sandals.

Davey is quite a joker as when he constantly tells his students to do a "sunny-side up stroke." He is also shown to very clumsy, as he tries to be stylish when he runs only to trip every time. However, he still takes his lifeguard skills seriously.


Clips of Joe's Work

Big Swirl Beach Watch

Top Wing Academy Rescue

Earl The Gadget Squirrel

The Return of Inspector Eagle-Eye

Swift's Family Flying Ace